Beer has several thousand years of tradition in history and is known as far back as at least old Babylon. The purpose of this site is not to make it prestigious but to collect the best links on the Internet for this blessed and legendary beverage. Below you find links about history, background, brewing methods, certain style and good manner when drinking, breweries in the wide world, testings etc.
"You shouldn't drink water soley but also lighten up your heart with a little wine" (goes for beer too), the Bible says.
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Excellent swedish web sites
Cold'nTasty Fastarnas Ölsidor
Stefans Ölsida
Ölföreningar i Sverige
Svenska Ölfrämjandet
Beer World Sweden
Sv. Bryggareföreningen
Breweries of the World
Dark'n Cold I am certain that you will find here the specific brewery and the special beer you want in the whole world. If the country is not listed, you probably will find it within the multi links.
Mega sites about beer etc
A Cold One! BeerMe
Systembolaget Superb Links

The links above are the best I have found among thousands.
What is hidden behind them should be appealing, selective, organized, comprehensive and full of love. If you have any more suggestions, please email me. Just click on the cold and frosty glass to the right.

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy."
-Benjamin Franklin

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